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Standing Up For Our Community In Civil Claims

Personal and professional business relationships can go sour when disagreements arise. In some instances, disputes become so contentious and the legal issues so complicated that amicable conversation or communication is not enough to find an equitable resolution.

Civil litigation is the process of resolving noncriminal disputes in court. It happens when individuals or entities take legal action against another party because they feel like that party has somehow wronged them. These high-stakes conflicts can quickly overwhelm you and deplete your resources without a skilled civil litigation attorney fighting in your corner.

At Goodwin Law Group, P.A., our attorneys have extensive experience guiding clients through every stage of the litigation process, from filing the initial complaint to representing you at trial if necessary. We understand the immense stress legal conflicts can cause, and we are here to lift that burden off your shoulders. Our community matters to us.  Our clients matter to us.  We will aggressively advocate and stand up for you.

Helping Families When Contested Probate Matters Lead To Litigation

Probate matters can become highly contested when disputes arise over the validity of a will, a breach of fiduciary duty by the executor, or by creditor claims against the estate. Sometimes, legal battles over a loved one’s estate can pit family members against each other and disgruntled heirs or beneficiaries may attempt to contest the probate proceedings. Many law firms shy away from these complex probate litigation cases, but we do not. The probate litigation lawyers at Goodwin Law Group, P.A., have the skills and determination to resolve even the most contentious estate disputes.

When Landlord And Tenant Disputes Lead To Litigation

Whether you are a landlord having problems with a stubborn tenant or a tenant facing unfair treatment, we can help you. We represent both landlords and tenants in disputes related to evictions, unpaid rent, security deposit withholding, property damage claims and other leasing issues. Our lawyers thoroughly understand landlord-tenant law and will vigorously defend your rights.

Do You Have Additional Legal Concerns?

Beyond contested probate and landlord-tenant disputes, the Goodwin Law Group, P.A., also offers other civil litigation services related to real estate and construction, including the following:

  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Land development disputes
  • Real estate disputes and litigation
  • Real property litigation
  • Zoning, planning and land use disputes

No matter how complicated your civil case may seem, we will take time to review it and let you know all your options.

We Make Your Fight Our Fight

If you are facing a civil litigation matter in Shalimar or the surrounding area, reach out to our attorneys today. Let us fight with you. Contact us at 850-710-1980 or visit our contact page to schedule a consultation. At Goodwin Law Group, P.A., we are not just your lawyers but your trusted allies.